Insulating sleeves  to the highest perfection

Your products are as good as the single components they are made of. That is why we produce insulation material for you, which is as long-lasting and resistant to ageing as your electric motors, transformers and electrical appliances.

Being a highly specialized family-owned business we produce and deliver insulating sleeves with fabric worlwide which are perfectly geared to your needs

Development and production

We are pleased to offer you every standard dimension you ask for. In addition to that we produce insulating sleeves with fabric togetherwith your help. It’s your needs and requirements that shape our products. If you have any special order or if you need any kind of costum built product,

please contact us:

Phone +49 (0) 23 33 - 97 99 - 99

Hartmann! Quality and Durability.

Due to consistent specialization and our quality-focused policy our products enjoy a good reputation among our clients all over the world
(Carsten Hartmann)